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Project: Alaska Club East – Boiler Replacement

MBH heating output replaced

Clearly Designed Phases



Services Provided by RBA

  • Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing Drawings and Specifications
  • Phasing of Installation to Avoid Shut-downs
  • Pre-order of Major Equipment to Expedite Construction
  • Work with Vender Quotes to Ensure Client Budgets are met
  • Energy Audit Report

Project Features

  • Steam Boilers and Condensate Receivers
  • Phased Construction
  • Expedited Schedule
  • Insulation of All New Steam Piping, up to 8″ Diameter
  • Replace Old Steam Tube Bundles in Existing Hot Water Generators
  • Replace Heating Pumps and Condensate Lift Stations

Alaska Club East – Boiler Replacement


Project Briefing

The original boiler room for the Alaska Club East dates back to the early 1970s. RBA provided mechanical and electrical design to upgrade the boiler room in with a phased approach, to avoid downtime and its consequent effect on revenue. The existing domestic water heaters were also replaced as part of the project. By relying on Owner Furnished, Contractor Installed equipment, the construction period was abbreviated and expediting equipment saved time on the job, reducing total cost to the owner.

Project Details

Owner: Alaska Club, Inc.
Year of Project: 2014
Construction Cost: $600,000
Location of Project: East Tudor Road, Alaska

Project Description:

The original boiler room dates back to early 1970, when the Teamsters Union built the Alaska Club – East Building. Since then, no equipment replacements or upgrades were forthcoming and one steam boiler had failed completely. RBA was tasked with replacing the boilers and all the while keeping the athletic club operational, to avoid loss of revenue thru any shut-downs.

Via proper phasing and staging, the work was accomplished to fulfill the above goal. Specifically, a wall had to be demolished so that the large boilers could be dropped down by crane, using an open well. The one working boiler was moved out of place to fit the new boiler in a “musical chair” configuration. In the same manner, the new condensate receiver was located such that the old one could remain in service during the switchover.

The domestic hot water converters were also failing and the shell-and-tube tanks were replaced with new service connections. By pin-pointing exact points of connection, the contractor was given a clear scope of work to transition between existing and new work. Thus, very few questions came up during construction.

All major pieces of equipment were ordered in advance so that they would be on hand as the need arose to install. By relying on Owner Furnished, Contractor Installed (OFCI) boilers and converters, etc. the construction period was abbreviated and expediting equipment saved time on the job, reducing total cost to the Owner.

Additionally, RBA dealt with the power connections to the new equipment. As responsible engineers, we recommended replacement of all conductors, while re-using the conduits and panels but with all new breakers.

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