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Gallons of Fuel Storage

Generator Exhaust Systems

Commissioning Projects


Services Provided by RBA

  • Design Review
  • Construction Inspections
  • Commissioning
  • Functional Testing
  • Owner Peace of Mind

Project Features

  • Fuel Tanks/Pumps
  • Welded Steel Fuel Piping
  • Fuel System PLC Control System and HMI
  • Control Valves
  • Electrical Conduit, Wiring, and Grounding
  • Sight Lighting
  • Oxidation Catalyst Silencers

Fort Richardson Water Treatment Plant and Clearwell Commissioning


Project Briefing

RBA performed commissioning for the installation of (3) 20,000 gallon above-ground fuel storage tanks, and associated fuel dispensing control system. RBA was then brought on board again to perform commissioning on the next project: the installation of an Oxidation Catalyst Silencer and associated controls.

Project Details

Client: Doyon Utilities, LLC
Year of Project: 2015
Location of Project: Fort Richardson, Alaska

RBA was brought on board to commission the installation of three (3) 20,000 gallon self-contained aboveground fuel storage tanks and appurtenances for the standby generators at D-Street, Richardson. RBA inspected the welded steel fuel piping and supports; instrumentation and control panels; electrical conduit and wiring; sight lighting; and electrical grounding. The controls for the three (3) above ground tank pumps, three (3) day tank pumps, and various fuel level alarms were functionally tested and signed off. 100% of the overflow alarms and shutoff valves were tested to make absolutely sure no fuel would ever be spilt on site.

After the completion of the three (3) fuel tanks, Doyon Utilities brought RBA on board again to commission the next project at D-Street; the installation of Oxidation Catalyst Silencers on each of the three (3) generator exhausts. RBA inspected the exhaust ducting, insulation materials, cover plates for catalyst, and solenoid control valves. While running the generators, RBA functionally tested the solenoid valves to make certain that they were purging the exhaust condensate correctly, the temperature and pressure sensors were displayed on the control panel, and that the control panel would shut down the engines if the temperature or pressure got too high. The control panel will send signals to the human machine interface (HMI), in the Generator Control Room, to alarm the staff if there are any alarms.

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