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Project: Midway Island JP-5 Fire Pump

GPM Fire Pump

HP Water Pump VFD

Protected Albatross


Services Provided by RBA

  • Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing Drawings and Specifications
  • Design-Build Delivery of Project to US Government
  • Construction Inspection
  • Functional Testing

Project Features

  • Fire Pump runs on JP-5 Fuel
  • High Temperature Insulation and Materials for Exhaust Pipe
  • Match Gate Valves to Existing Flange Sizes and Ratings
  • VFD Added to Potable Water Pump to Save Energy

Midway Island JP-5 Fire Pump


Project Briefing

RBA provided design services for a new JP-5 fuel tank and Fire Pump to serve the island with hydrant pressure. Additionally, the existing 30HP water pump was retrofitted with a VFD to reduce energy usage during low demand periods, reduce short-cycling during off-peak water supply periods, and to increase its functionality by serving as a jockey pump for the water supply system.

Project Details

Owner: US Fish & Wildlife Service
Year of Project: 2016
Location of Project: Midway island, Alaska

Project Description:
For more than a decade, starting in 2004, RBA Engineers, Inc. has been furnishing design services on Midway Island in the Pacific. Various task orders have entailed work on the following designs:

  1. Domestic water treatment and distribution;
  2. 450,000 gallon fuel tank farm;
  3. Two 500 kW prime power generators;
  4. 5 kV power distribution and service transformers for (20) buildings;
  5. Sewage lift stations and augmenting generation efficiency with matched generator procurement in 2014.

The most recent project for the fire pump began with a new double-wall JP-5 fuel oil tank, with concrete encasement, to power the fire pump. The piping was also double-wall to protect against spills. A variable frequency drive on the domestic water supply, allows the pump to function as a jockey pump and conserve energy; it is rated at 30 HP so the savings are significant in terms of operating power.

The fire pump is capable of delivering up to 1,500 GPM at 160 PSI for the area-wide hydrant requirements. Due to the age of the old underground piping and inherent leaks, the discharge pressure is now capped at 50 PSI. The exhaust pipe and silencer are insulated and routed outside the building.

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